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  • Watch Daniel Radcliffe - actor of Harry Potter nude on this Hot site...
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Harry Potter girl shows her sweet body and sexy cunt

Harry Potter Toon Sex

We go on with Harry Potter wild vaginal, oral and anal penetrations and a number of raunchy threesomes to go with the habitual fuck galore! We go on with raw instances of anal, oral and traditional sex a number of raunchy threesomes to top it all and ;) One awesome cum-drinker displays the truly unique abilities in Harry Potter hentai getting assfucked in cowgirl on this huge and stiff cock firstly and then getting pumped by this thick tool while lying on her back…

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Harry Potter Porn Story: "Harry and the Delacours"

Delacour sisters

Fleur let out a soft moan as she felt someone sucking on her right nipple. As that was going on a soft hand was massaging her left breast. She awoke to find her sister Gabrielle working her on her chest.

“Gabi, what are you doing?” the Beauxbatons Champion asked.

“Just waking you up sister” Gabrielle said.

“Well, it is a great way of waking up” Fleur said.

“You haven’t seen anything yet then.”

Fleur turned her head to find Harry standing there naked his cock already fully at attention. That’s when everything came back to her. The night after the second task Fleur was so relieved that her sister was alright. She wanted to thank the one who returned the one most precious thing to her. So she sent Harry a letter to come to the carriages. When Harry arrived he was nervous since he was unsure why he was here. Well, he knew that Fleur wanted to thank him, but why here, at night?

The two got to talking and they found themselves becoming good friends. But soon Fleur felt something flare inside her. It was her Veela nature telling her that Harry was the one for her. She tried to resist and hold back her nature, but with a quick wave of her wand the door to her room was sealed and she lunged at Harry. Clothes flew everywhere and soon the two were naked.

Harry was already hard and Fleur wasted not time claiming her mate. Their first bout together was chaotic. Harry was at first scared then aroused and soon he was lost to his teenage hormones. He wasn’t a total novice when it came to sex. Hermione had given blowjobs several times and he had eaten her out too. They just thought of one another as friends with benefits.

Fleur was a natural since she was part Veela. She knew what to do and once their first coupling Continue reading

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Harry Potter Porn Video Part #1: Hermione Granger knows how to treat with all kinds of magic wands… including rigid lollipops!

Harry Potter Porn Video – Part #1

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Cute Hermione takes the great Harry Potter’s giant long shlong where it belongs!

Harry Potter Cartoon Sex

Harry Potter Cartoon Sex

Harry Potter Porn

Harry Potter Porn

Hermione’s smile is so sweet every time when her best friend Harry fucks her delicious pussy
Hermonie fucks a guy with a big cock that makes her tight pussy cum soon
Luna Lovegood using a charming spell to get Harry Potter to… fuck her!
Big tit whore from Harry Potter series is wreathing under hard pussy penetration here!… Let’s follow the example of this Harry Potter XXX bitch that is getting nailed directly on the cobblestones after trying on some clothes in a shop a few seconds away. Feels like sex-hungry chicks haven’t been screwed and in ages!!

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Ginny just couldn’t wait to fuck Harry’s 6 inch cock again! But Molly finds out and… is she surprised or does she just want to join in the fun?

Harry Potter Cartoon Sex

Harry Potter Hentai

Harry Potter Hentai

Harry Potter Porn

Snow Flake Emma Watson loves it when big black dicks pound her tight pink pussy!
Emma is the most hot and famous witch in the history – her long hair and her soft tits make every Harry Potter’s fan fantasize with her naked!
Little Hermonie Granger pleasures herself with her wand…
It’s time to shove seomthing inside this big tit Harry Potter hottie with a gorgeous bum and a wet pussy ;) The most pleasurable part for cock-loving cuties from Harry Potter hentai toon is to participate in fuck feasts with some of the best endowed dudes and provide their tight fuck holes to be rubbed to the bone by hardest cocks!… The and are ready to fuck 24/7 engaged in undressing each other and playing the petting game that just begin, no need to tell what happens next ;)

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After a hard game of Quidditch, Ginny treats Harry to a show of her fingering herself and playing with her perky tits…

Harry Potter Porn

Harry Potter Porn

Harry Potter Hentai

Harry Potter Cartoon Sex

While alone in the room of requirement with Harry Potter Luna Lovegood seductively strips naked for him
Being the absolute slut she is Emma Watson loves to suck cock and prepares to get blasted in the face and drenched in cum!
Hermione is showing off her beautiful pair of tits and her sexy legs and is asking for a cock sandwich right into her luscious lips
Those Harry Potter are ready to fuck 24/7 with nudity and foreplay that just start, so you can iagine what else they can do! Beware as the drawn thing and brims with more suddenness than you can dream of:… I had this fantasy to enjoy seeing the Harry Potter porn whores who enjoy fucking more than anything else…

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Hermione Porn Story: "Harry Potter and the accidental casting – Chapter I"

Harry growled and tossed his quill onto the table. Hermione looked over with a disapproving look on her face. ??Problems?? She asked, Harry nodded. ??I can??t think of how to get this spell to work.?
Their homework was to either write an entirely new spell, or to find a new use for an already existing one. It was proving tricky for everyone. ??What exactly are you trying to do?? Harry shrugged his shoulders. ??It??s complicated.? Hermione playfully slapped the back of his head. ??Don??t give me that. Now come on, what are you trying to do.? She glanced at the book and skimmed at the section he was reading. *How to make an Invisibility cloak for dummies ?? so simple a squib can do it.* Hermione looked at him. ??So what are you trying to make?? Harry sighed and shrugged his shoulders yet again. ??I guess I watched too much, Lord of the Rings, over the summer.? Hermione thought about it for a minute, but before Harry could continue, it clicked. ??A magic ring to make you invisible? You have been watching too much Lord of the Rings.? She laughed. ??What makes you think that would work? Invisibility cloaks work by covering the person, its common knowledge that any item intended to bring invisibility to the wearer it supposed to be larger than the actual wearer.? She pointed to the first line of How to make an Invisibility cloak for dummies. ??It say??s so right there.? Harry handed her his notes, a smile growing on his face.
Hermione glanced down and read what he was working on. An expanding magical field! It would mean that the magic would expend to the exact size of the wearer of the object. It was better than an invisibility cloak because you didn??t run the risk of snagging it on anything. It also meant that the size of the enchanted object was irrelevant. The thing that surprised Continue reading

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Harry Potter’s girlfriends in anime style… and naked!

Sex Stories Harry Potter

Extravagant Harry Potter frames are at stock for you to get hard over!. Sex-starved hookers of Harry Potter hentai tv show craving to use all of their skills to make the studs shoot their loads ;) The most responsible part for sexy girls of ‘s episodes and is to be engaged in wild banging parties with some of the best endowed dudes provide their cum receptacles!

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Hermione Porn Story: "Harry and the MILFS 2"

Emma Granger & Lily Potter

It was a family dinner at the Potter manor. Hermione and her mother had finally moved in fully and they were having a fine time. With them at the table was Harry’s twin sisters, Rose and Violet. The two sisters were chatting with Hermione about wedding plans and where she and Harry would go for their honeymoon. The meal went nicely as the conversation was merry.

/Scene Break/

That night Lily snuck out of her room and headed to her son’s. Tonight was her night with Harry and she wasn’t going to waste it. At the same moment in another place in the house Emma was doing the same. She couldn’t help herself. She knew that she and Harry had a plan, but she just needed him tonight. Neither knowing they were headed to the same destination. They made their way quietly not wanting to wake anyone up. When they got to Harry’s door the froze at the sight of one another.

“What are you doing here?” Lily asked.

“I would ask you the same” Emma said.

Soon the door opened to reveal a bare-chested Harry. He looked at both women with a curious expression.

“Harry!” both women said.

“Come on in” Harry said.

They both did though they were both wondering what was going on.

“I guess there isn’t anyway of hiding it anymore, but I’ve been sleeping with both of you at the same time” Harry said.

Emma and Lily were both shocked by this.

Continue reading

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Harry Potter Porn Story: "Harry and the MILFS"

Lily Potter & Alice Longbottom

Lily Potter was enjoying her new relationship with her son Harry and thought it was time to teach him something new. She got in touch with her close and best girl friend Alice Longbottom. Alice was in the same boat as her. Her husband was on the same assignment that Lily’s was out on and her son was spending time with the Weasleys this summer. So that meant Alice had time to do some ‘teaching’.

Harry entered his mother’s bedroom to see his mother and his godmother in a 69. His eyes bulged and his cock harden at the sight.

“Oh, hello Harry dear” Lily said casually as she looked up from Alice’s cunt.

“Uh, mom I got your note telling me that you needed to see me” Harry said in a squeaky voice.

“Yes dear, this is your new lesson. To pleasure two women at the same time. You have excellent stamina. Better than your father and I knew you could be able to handle two” Lily said.

“Um okay” Harry said with a bit of hesitancy.

“Now, you know what to do” Lily said.

Harry nodded and pulled his wand. He closed the door and waved it, which locked the door and made the room sound proof. This was something he learned when he started fucking his mom daily. He then took off his clothes and climbed onto the bed where his mother and godmother was waiting.

Alice laid there admiring her godson’s body. He sure had no fat on it. He wasn’t big muscled, but he was lean and had some muscle definition. Her eyes then traveled down and she licked her lips. His cock was impressive and if Lily was being truthfully in how good Harry was at using it then this ‘lesson’ would be worthwhile.

Lily removed herself from top of her friend and let Harry tak Continue reading

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