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Harry and Hermione have a quickie after having turned back time and while waiting for Lupin.

Hermione Jean Granger Hentai

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Harry Potter Porn Story: Harry bloodline of lust – Chapter 2

Harry Potter Porn Story: Harry bloodline of lust – Chapter 2

This is written by O jordinio O on

Harry grinned as Lavender hung heavily off of him. They were currently hidden due to his use of the Disillusionment Charm, making their way the the last carriage to Hogwarts. Lavender didn’t seem to like the idea of parting just yet and Harry, as a sane man, couldn’t find a fault in her logic to deny her request.

Still, Sirius had told him the first sight of Hogwarts was something that was both breath-taking and tradition, so he cast a Monitoring charm, which made a small black floating ball that he linked his right eye to, so he could shag Lavender while watching the castle with one eye, (something that was no doubt going to be a little disorienting) that floated with the other first years, unseen in the darkness.

Harry carried Lavender into the last carriage and got to work, making sure to keep some of his attention on the castle, and got to work. Setting the loopy giggling girl on her back he crawling on top of her and assaulting her neck with his tongue, slipping inside her cunt with ease. Her lack of knickers being his fault, as he’d stopped her when she was putting them on when she changed into her uniform.

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