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Harry and Hermione wellcoming fresh acquaintance

Emma Watson Does Porn

Hentai Picture: Harry and Hermione wellcoming fresh acquaintance
Everywhere you inspect in Harry Potter section you definitely will see fruity glutes pulpy tail bone, tit and bum tooth picks, sleek bellies, prodigious dugs and draining gee-gees fit to ball… Bosomy easy meat from Harry Potter is hopping under hard pussy penetration here in current thread. Hermione Jean Granger gets impatient receiving ball load into her anus and drooling cum out into some bowl.

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This hottie loves redheads twice more than any other guys!

Harry Potter Hardcore Porn Stories

Hentai Picture: This hottie loves redheads twice more than any other guys!
Don’t miss bitchy babe babe riding on a huge dick with her sexy mouth occupied and playing with a fat cock… This batch of wild porn toon will make you feel like hell among those crackpot Harry Potter infatuation weirdoes fucking their brains off… Slutty chick of Harry Potter craves to take on this heaviest fuck load of all her previous experience!

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Harry Potter Pornography Story: Hermoine

Harry Potter Pornography Story: Hermoine

Larry Moen Curley

Head master Dumbledore stood in the center of his large oak paneled office and
looked very disappointedly at the three students that Hagrid had brought in to

“So,” Dumbledore said to the huge man, “you caught the three of them at it

“Yes, Sir. Going at it like scalded monkeys they were. On the floor in young
Harry’s room this time.”

The three kids looked down nervously at the floor as the two elders spoke about

“What… exactly did you see them doing?” the head master asked.

“Well, Sir. They had young Hermione on her hands and knees between the two
of them. Her skirt was pulled up on her back and her knickers were down at her
knees and both the boys’ trousers and underpants were down as they knelt
before her and behind her. Young Harry here was balls deep in the girl’s little
quim and she was sucking master Weasley’s hardened tallywacker in her

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Good girls want to be punished too!

Harry Potter Porn Mobile

Hentai Picture: Good girls want to be punished too!
Beware of the set of lecherous pictures more dexterous that you can suppose: coolest, tireless and the swellest cocks all at one location! This in lacey nylons gets her snatch and butt snatch pumped by a couple of hard schlongs… Those Harry Potter girls are eager for some pussy plumbing action – they gets shagged on the spot and take sizey thick cocks into their wet, horny pussies…

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Harry Potter Porno Story: Cho Chang, Harry & Dumbledore

Harry Potter Porno Story: Cho Chang, Harry & Dumbledore

Cho Chang was fast asleep in an unfamiliar bed. Her black silky lucious hair flowed the side of her tan toned body. Cho’s bra was laying on the floor-the white lacy cups askew on the carpet. Her matching thong was drapped over the bedpost, hanging over her as she slept.

She suddenly awoke from her dream, her chocolate watery eyes flashing open as she gazed at her surroundings.

She was naked, and sore. What happened

She remembered drinking a LOT of Fire Whiskey with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. They were celebrating New Years’ Eve. She clearly had sex with someone. But who

Her answer groaned next to her in bed. Harry Potter. His built arms and chest were exposed, a tribute to the amount of Quidditch he played. His waist was warpped in a towel. She could tell he had no boxers on. She tried to remember what had happened. She remembered her and Harry going into his room to get a deck of cards to play a drinking game.

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Harry Potter Porn Story: Harry’s winter

Harry Potter Porn Story: Harry’s winter

Harry, Ron and Hermione started their holidays by sitting down at the kitchen table with Mrs. Weasley, Fleur, Gabrielle and Lupin. Mr. Weasley and Bill were still at work and the twins would be joining them in a couple of days. Percy still was not talking to anyone from the family. Charlie was going to be there on Christmas Eve. It was nine at night but no one felt the least bit tired. They all drank hot apple cider while chatting about Voldemort and his followers and what they were up to. He was now trying to get goblins to follow him but with Bill’s pull in that community, from getting them allot of money, they turned him down. Voldemort did not like the idea so a couple of goblins were killed before the order arranged some protection for them.
Mrs. Weasley shooed them off to bed after a while and Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione were aloud to sleep with each other. She was not stupid; she knew what was going on almost before they did. Harry’s items were in Ginny’s room waiting for him so he pulled on his nightclothes and turned to watch Ginny slither out of her Sunday dress she was wearing and pull on a silky gown. They climbed into bed and had a nice night of lovemaking. Harry took it nice and slow giving Ginny a couple orgasms before having his own
In the morning, they all got up and the twins decided to come home early so they all decided to go out side for some fun. Harry, Ginny and Ron were against the twins and Gabrielle in a little game of snowball fight. They each magiked a small fort in which to hide in and magiked snowballs to make them fly at each other. Harry was hit in the head a couple times trying to protect Ginny while she aimed snowballs at Gabrielle. Ron meanwhile tried shooting off two at the same time trying to hit Fred and George at the same time. He failed of course and got pummeled by a group of balls sent by the twins. Harry and Ron worked together, while Ron’s snowballs came from in front; Harry’s came from behind and nailed them. They then took aim at the fort, sent dozens of nice sized snowballs at their fort, and brought it down.
After a fun filled morning, they all went inside for some lunch, and to warm up, before going out for some Quidditch. Gabrielle was not too bad either but Harry’s team had won, as always, they played first to ten goals. The twins had to stop early because they had to go into the village and gather some items for the joke shop, which left Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Gabrielle to play together. They all decided to go inside for some hot cocoa and rest. Ron and Harry played a game of wizard chess while the girls sat and watched, talking to each other in whispers. Ron had won by only a small margin because Harry was learning Ron’s every move.
“One of these days ill win.” Harry said to himself.
After the game the girls snuck off to Ginny’s room, they said they had to do something alone, so Harry and Ron went to see what Molly and Fleur were up to. They were not in the kitchen, basement or living room, considering they just came from there. They took a quick peek outside and did not see them anywhere so they decided to go up to Ron’s room and rest. As they passed Bill and Fleur’s room they heard some noise coming from inside. The door had been left open a crack so Harry went over to peek in. Fleur was on her back completely naked with Molly in between her legs, naked. Fleur was stretching and pulling on her nipples while her pussy was being eaten. Ron had whispered,
“What’s going on?” but Harry did not hear him as he watched.
Therefore, Ron got down lower than Harry and peeked in. With out realizing it both Harry and Ron had their hands inside their pants slowly stroking their dicks.
“Oh Molly you are so much better than Bill at this.” they heard Fleur say but Molly just nodded her head and kept on eating.
Harry noticed her ass staring them straight in the face so he looked between her legs and noticed her pussy lips opened up and dripped liquid from inside.
This gave Harry and idea so he slowly pushed open the door while Ron looked on in shock. Harry released his cock, which had been straining to get out, and got down behind Molly and shoved it into her pussy. Molly stopped in shock to look behind her but when she saw it was Harry she just smiled and turned back to eat Fleur out. Ron figured it was ok by now so he also whipped his cock out and climbed on the bed. Fleur opened her mouth and willingly took it. The four of them started up one nice orgy working in unison.
Molly’s pussy was so damn loose around Harry’s cock so he decided to pull it out and slide it into her ass. He pumped it into her ass then placed it into her pussy to get it wet some more. Then he planted it back in her ass, he kept this up for a while. Meanwhile Ron had his entire cock planted inside of Fleur’s mouth. Ron decided her head movement was not fast enough so he positioned his waist right on top of her face and fucked her mouth up and down as fats as he could. Ron rested his waist down on her face while he released his cum deep into her throat. Harry noticed this and not to be out done he pulled his cock out and gave it a few strokes to make it shoot across Molly’s back and up to Fleur’s mouth.
Harry and Ron then left to go to Ron’s room. They each fell asleep on a different bed and fell right to sleep. Molly opening the door and stating that diner was ready waked them. When they made it down stairs, everyone was home including the twins, Bill and Mr. Weasley. After diner and a quick chat about what else had been happening, the four young ones went up to Ron’s room. Harry lay down on his bed and closed his eyes to think. He then felt someone open his pants and pull them down. He just kept his eyes close and enjoyed the mouth making him hard again. The mouth had then released and he was about to open his eyes when he felt someone climb into bed and plunge their pussy down on him.
Harry noticed that it was too tight to be Ginny but before he could look he heard “Fuck me, I need you in me.” coming from Gabrielle.
Harry snapped his eyes open and looked up and sure enough, Gabrielle was impaled on him. Harry looked around for Ginny and noticed she was naked on Ron’s bed with Ron fucking her brains out. Therefore, Harry grabbed Gabrielle’s hips and pulled her up and down on his dick. Gabrielle bent over and put her breasts to Harry’s chest. Harry looked over and Ginny was now doing the same thing to Ron.
All of a sudden, Harry felt something move on the bed but Gabrielle was blocking his view. He then felt some thing touch his dick from inside Gabrielle’s pussy. Harry looked over and noticed Hermione fucking one of the twins. Harry figured the other twin was on his bed fucking Gabrielle in the ass. Harry just though this was better and picked up his speed. Harry pulled down on her ass to push as far as he could and came deep into her. Harry could feel the twin on him cum to when it dripped down on his cock. Once the other twin was finished they left, and Gabrielle and Ginny switched partners. Hermione just laid there and watched the go at it.
Harry was now with Ginny and Ron was with Gabrielle. Harry was to limp to continue but Ginny wouldn’t take no for an answer so she got down between his legs and sucked him hard again. Harry figured Gabrielle had done the same for Ron because he was on top of her fucking her brains out. A couple of times her head had hit the wall and Harry giggled. Once Harry was hard, again Ginny climbed on top and planted herself on him. Harry wanted to be on top so he grabbed her and spun around on top. Harry pushed and pulled as fast as he could getting moans from Ginny telling him he was doing it right. Harry bent over, took her nipple into his mouth, and gave it and little nibble.
After they all finished they went to bed there naked next to each other. The next day the girls woke up and wanted a quickie so Harry and Ron obliged. Afterwards they went outside with the twins for another snowball fight that was cut short when Gabrielle was hit in the eye. The next few days were pretty much the same with a couple more orgies that involved the twins. On Christmas Eve Charlie showed up and told Harry, he could tell Hagrid his dragon was doing well.
On Christmas day, Harry awoke to plenty of presents. He and Ron had gotten sweaters again and some chocolate frogs from Molly and Arthur. Hermione had gotten him a really advanced book on the dark arts. Harry just threw away Kreacher’s gift because of what happened last year. Hagrid’s present was tooth-breaking sweets and Dobby gave him a little statue of Harry ridding on a broom. Ron gave him the new copy of play witch and the twins a new Skiving Snack box. Harry looked all around but Ginny had not given him anything, which he though was weird.
They both went down for breakfast after Ginny came and got them. Harry asked her where his present was and she told him she would give it later. After breakfast, they all sat in the living room and had some fun discussions, because Voldemort was never mentioned. Hermione showed up after lunch had finished and joined in a real game of Quidditch because they had enough players. Ginny had to join Fred, Gabrielle, Fleur and Bill while Harry, Ron, Hermione, George and Charlie teamed up. Ron and Bill were keepers, the twins were beaters, Gabrielle/Fleur and Hermione/Charlie were chasers, which left Ginny and Harry to be seekers.
Harry’s team had won spectacularly 210 to 70 because Ron was still having problems with his nerves and Harry was quicker than Ginny. Afterward they all went back inside to eat diner. Mrs. Weasley Made a big diner that they needed two rooms, one for the food and one to eat. They all had a merry old time talking and playing at the table. Ron had reached for a turkey leg and went to sit back down, but the twins had their own idea and made his chair disappear. Ron fell and took the tablecloth with him who pulled all the food toward him but Mrs. Weasley caught the food before it hit Ron and the ground and magiked it back to the table. She also gave Fred and George a stern yelling while everyone else laughed.
After diner, Harry followed Ginny back to her room where they got undressed and climbed into bed. Ginny climbed on top of Harry and sat down on top of his cock. Ginny wanted to wait on the sex.
She leaned down, put her lips to his ears, and whispered, “I’m pregnant.”
She leaned back and Harry just stared at her. He had no idea what to say to that. He asked if anybody else knew and she told him, her mother did, that is why she allowed them to sleep together. However, no one else had been told before she could tell Harry. Harry grabbed Ginny by the shoulders, pulled her down onto his chest, and embraced her in a tight hug. Harry rolled Ginny onto the bed beside him and felt her stomach.
“Come to think of it,” Harry said, “there is a little pooch here.”
Then he kissed her on the stomach and laid his head down. He no longer wanted sex, he just wanted to lay there and hold her.
The next morning when everyone was at the breakfast table they told everyone. Hermione was the first to jump up and rub Ginny’s stomach. Everyone was excited for them except Ron; he had hoped to beat Harry to at least becoming a father that is why he sent the condoms. The next day they would be going off to school so everyone packed that night so there are no surprises the next day. Harry awoke in the middle of the night because he had to go to the bathroom. He crept out of the bed not to wake Ginny and slid out the door.
He made his way down to the bathroom and did his business. Just as he was shaking off the door had opened. Fleur was standing there, naked, with cum dripping out of her pussy. She seemed half-asleep and went right over to where Harry was sitting on the toilet and sat on his lap. She pissed right between his legs right onto his cock, which had gotten hard right away. Harry felt his cock slowly started entering Fleur’s pussy. She did not even seem to notice she had a cock entering her. She started moving her hips back and forth. This just made Harry harder and he grabbed her hips and moved her up and down. It took a little effort but she obliged him and started ridding his cock.
She was wet and hot inside her pussy. Harry guessed a good deal of cum was still in her from Bill fucking her. Harry reached around and cupped her tits in each hand, which made her lean back on him.
“Oh god yes” was all Harry could her as he pounded her, or rather she pounded him.
Without any warning, Harry just let his sperm fly into her pussy without stopping her. When his dick finally got soft and fell out is when she stopped bouncing and got up and left. Harry just sat there for a second to compose himself and got up to leave. The door had flown open once again but this time Molly stepped in but she looked wide-awake.
Harry’s cock was still hanging in the open. She just walked over, dropped to her knees, and started sucking him off. It took a few minutes but Harry was hard again. Once this happened Molly lay on the floor and spread her legs wide open. Harry removed all of his clothes and lay down on top of her sliding her nightgown above her tits. Harry took his cock in hand and slid it slowly into her pussy. It seemed tighter this time for some reason. Harry pushed in as far as he could and pulled out until him cock was about to pop out. He pushed in as fast and as hard as he could. “Fuck my pussy raw. Please” Molly whispered in his ear.
Harry withdrew and pushed harder and faster with each stroke making her slide on the floor a little. Harry bent his head down in mid stroke and bit her nipple, which made her yell out, “yes” Harry gave each nipple the same attention back and forth. Harry then lifted both of her legs up onto his shoulders and started jack hammering into her. Molly started yelling out it was hurting but when Harry tried to stop she told him to keep it up. After a few more strokes, Harry gave her what cum he had left. Harry rolled off and closed his eyes to catch his breath.
Harry must have fallen asleep because when he opened his eyes the sun was rising. Harry closed his eyes again to will himself to get up when his cock started getting wet again. Harry just laid there enjoying it before they climbed up on him and slid his dick into her. Harry opened his eyes and looked up to see Gabrielle sitting on him. Harry just laid there and let her do all of the work because he was just to tired. He closed his eyes again and grabbed her hips to help guide her. After a couple minutes, she stopped and Harry thought she was done but then he felt a pair of legs on the sides of his head. He tried looking up but all he could see was a pussy coming down. Harry just grabbed the hips (which he recognized as Ginny’s right away) and steered her to his face. Harry stuck his tongue deep inside her pussy while Gabrielle started bouncing up and down again.
After a few minutes, Harry felt Ginny tighten up and he felt a warm liquid slide down his throat. Ginny’s cum tasted good to Harry, which just made him cum in Gabrielle. After composing themselves they all went to get packed for school. Gabrielle was going back to Beauxbatons and the rest were off to Hogwarts. This time since everyone could apparate to Hogwarts they would get there from Hogsmeade. It was a teary goodbye but they all made it to school unharmed

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Narcissa Malfoy loosk pretty hot under her robe!

Emma Watson Drawn Porn

Hentai Picture: Narcissa Malfoy loosk pretty hot under her robe!
The hottie went insane: she starts toying with her wet split and got off hugely from it! Here is some unexpected turn of events in Harry Potter retold in erotic key… Bosomy slut from Harry Potter is going up and down under heavy pussy assault in this entry.

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Harry Potter Pornography Story: Harry Bloodline of eagerness Ch6

Harry Potter Pornography Story: Harry Bloodline of eagerness Ch6

This is written by O jordinio O on fanfiction.net

Hermione woke up with a start. She didn’t remember falling asleep on her stomach, which was impossible anyway due to her breasts making that position painful after a few hours, and her ass hadn’t been up in the air either. She quickly remembered where she was, which would explain the unfamiliar bed. That didn’t, however, explain the small wet warm thing diving in and out of her ass, occasionally giving bursts of even greater pleasure which she could just hear the sound of a snake hissing over her own moans. She stiffened as another burst sent her over the edge, the orgasm she wasn’t aware she’d been so close to washing over her.

Harry, meanwhile, was having quite a bit of fun experimenting. His Parseltongue abilities worked great for cunnilingus, so he was trying anilingus. Which, judging by her moans, even asleep, was working just as well. He’d tried saying things in the serpent language, but most phrases needed his tongue inside his mouth, and not inside of her, which was defeating the purpose. He found that a simple and slow La Continue reading

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Hermione just can’t go to sleep until she gets fucked in all her fuckholes by magical dicks!

Harry Potter And Star Wars Porn

Hentai Picture: Hermione just can’t go to sleep until she gets fucked in all her fuckholes by magical dicks!
Although you may have seen some Harry Potter before, you’d jizz your pants to have access to a large collection of quality action in one place! Another fuck-obessed hottie from Harry Potter boasts this gorgeous cleavage to bring to our view and she never refuses any male around… Lewd Hermione Jean Granger in wig, panties and stockings gets fucked deep and eats sperm.

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Bellatrix Lestrange with professpr Snake oin sex orgy

Harry Potter Ga Sex Stories

A few Harry Potter characters are going naughty with lots of revealing scenes that just start, so you can iagine what else they can do ;) A bitch from a famous Bellatrix Lestrange tv-show double-penetrated by and two hard! Let’s follow the lead of Harry Potter hentai starlet that is getting nailed right on the curb after trying on some clothes in a shop just a minute ago…

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